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About Us
At F.J. Evans Engineering Company, Inc., our story began in 1927 when Fitz James Evans, Sr. founded our company. Originally from Pennsylvania, he honed his skills at Penn State University before establishing himself as one of the most esteemed combustion engineers of his time after moving south.
In 1963, Fitz James Evans, Jr., after attending Yale University and serving in the Korean War, joined the company, bringing with him a passion for innovation. He spearheaded the development of gas infrared heating equipment, revolutionizing the industry by offering a more efficient alternative to conventional warm air systems. Today, infrared heating is universally recognized as the superior method for heating appropriate facilities.
After attending Auburn University in 1983, Rick Evans became part of the F.J. Evans family. Building on the company`s strong foundation in infrared applications and equipment, we expanded our offerings to encompass a wide range of heating and ventilation solutions. Our dedication to providing top-quality equipment, coupled with unmatched expertise, earned us a reputation as a leading provider in the industry.
As a fourth-generation Evans, James Evans, equipped with a major in Business Administration from Auburn University, proudly joined the company in 2021. He now serves as the Vice President of F.J. Evans, carrying forward the legacy of excellence.

Spanning four generations, our enduring journey is a testament to our unwavering commitment. Our core mission has remained steadfast - to bring unmatched excellence in equipment to industries across the Southeastern region.

Built on a legacy of achievement and driven by an ongoing pursuit of improvement, F.J. Evans Engineering Company, Inc. stands as a symbol of reliability, innovation, and customer-centric values. Let`s work together to address your heating and ventilation needs, bringing satisfaction and efficiency to your projects.